Being of healthy, mind, body and spirit is becoming more of a priority and focus in today’s modern society.

For over two thousands years Chinese doctors have documented that, maintaining good over-all health is the number one factor to help promote beauty.

There are thousands of herbal formulas in various states of modalities that have been recorded in Chinese medical books from different dynasties. These texts address anti-aging and Herbs that promote a youthful appearance, including; facials, skin brown spot treatment, maintaining and promoting beautiful hair as well as healthy teeth. 

Dr. Hu is a regionally recognized expert in Herbology and as part of her Traditional Medical practice is now introducing ancient Chinese skin beauty secrets to her patients.

Patients will be evaluated and diagnosed on the internal organs which contribute to various skin problems.

Patients will be treated to help maximize over-all health and Micro Current Acupuncture applied as a procedure to help in face lifting.

Face lifting with Micro Current Acupuncture reduces the tension of facial dermatome, (wrinkles) enhances circulation under the skin, promotes the function of collagen and promotes youthful skin production.

After Face Lifting Acupuncture a freshly made herbal mask formulated for each individual skin condition will be applied.

This treatment will help the skin eliminate “waste” accumulation in the cells that cause brown spots, promote circulation and the rejuvenation of the derma cells to aid in a youthful looking appearance.

Patients will also be instructed by Dr. Hu on how to determine a proper Herbal tea as well as proper food therapy related to the improvement of skin conditions.