The first book recorded Chinese herbal medicine is Yellow Emperor’s Inner classic, which was compiled by unknown authors between 200 B.C. and 100 AD. It is the oldest major Chinese medicine book. Up to today, there is little information regarding how long the development of practicing herbal medicine before that time. Chinese Herbal Medicine is the most complex system developed throughout whole Chinese history and it is continuing developing. Each herb has its taste, properties, temperature, target organ or meridian, primary clinical application, toxicity and processing and preparation. Compare with Western herbs, Chinese Herbology often use herbs in a formula in order to treat and balance the disharmony of whole body. Once a patient’s disharmony pattern is identified, a treatment strategy will be formed like you play chess, which is major problem, you want your chief herb to conquer first and the same time having several deputy and assistant herbs to balance and strengthen the chief herb’s function. Finally an envoy herb leads the function to certain area of the body.

Since each individual’s body constitution and disharmony is different from another, the herbal formula should be formed according each individual.  In thousands of years Chinese history, many scholars tried to find the herbs and search the herb formulas to enhance vital function of body, promote longevity, sexuality and well bing. There are many herbal formula can help and enhance body, but has to be customized for each individual condition. For you well being benefits, please call Dr. Hu at (619)-226-6506 for consultation and discuss your health concern.

Dr. Hu’s  Special  Formula:
Herbal Tea

  1. Seven Flower Longevity Tea

    Merge yourself with the universe and the Mother Earth; make us as clean as the purities of Heavenly Dew, and as solid as our strong Earth. Flowers collect the essence of plants, and are nourished by our Earth and “Heavenly Qi”. Flowers manifest the beauty, the energy, and the life of plants. Now we make it available by gathering seven flowers from all parts of the world to nourish you. It integrates each individual flower to clean each of your specific system, Ginseng flower with other herbal flowers to balance out your internal energy, clear your mind, brighten your eyes, increase the blood circulation, and tonify your essence to maximize wellness and longevity. Enjoy the Heavenly Dew daily for your longevity. You will definitely feel the difference

  2. Emotional Flower Tea
  3. Good Dream  Tea
  4. Weight/Fat Control Tea
  5. De-Toxi Tea
  6. Prevent-V Tea