The Health Benefits of Foot Reflexology Therapy

  1.  Releases stress and harmonizes organs to assist in the recovery of illness.
  2. Detoxifies body and different organs, such as the liver. You may not realize that in addition to the liver, the bottom of the feet retain many toxins.
  3. Alleviates symptoms of hypertension, headache, insomnia, and drain toxins from the upper body,
  4.  Promotes immunity and increases circulation,
  5. Strengthens the body and promotes longevity. 

Foot reflexology has been a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Reflexology points on the ear were recorded in ancient China around 500 B.C. Similar records were also found in Egypt, Greece, Rome and Persia between 100 B.C. to 200 A.D.  Reflex points have been scientifically proven to exist in areas of the foot, palm, ear and scalp and correspond to specific organs and body parts; they represent a Microsystems that mirrors our whole body’s macro system. A French scientist named Dr. Paul Nogier standardized these reflex points in 1957.

Dr. Helen Hu introduces the Traditional Chinese foot reflexology with herbal detoxification and Traditional Chinese Royal moxibustion to not only make you feel like the ancient kings and queens. They also have the therapeutic value to reduce stress, rid the body of toxins, harmonize the body and promote well-being and longevity. Enjoy this culturally enriched experience of wellness.