Is it Time to go Green?

The best way to pick the right green tea is to choose the one that has the least processing. The more the tea has been processed, the more essence the plant has lost. There are many kinds of green tea, the most important factor is the taste and smell you like the most. Green tea is very delicate and has many anti-oxidants and nutrients that are destroyed when boiled on water. It contains an anti-oxidant which is 20% more effective than that of vitamin C. It also contains polythenols and fluoride, which helps clear acne and prevent cavities. Recent scientific studies indicate that green tea can provide protection against skin cancer and lung cancer as well. If an individual sunbathes, then it is advisable to drink green tea daily in order to reduce the risk of skin cancer. In addition, there are many clinical observations and studies that indicates that smokers who drink green tea daily have less chance of developing lung cancer. Research studies on green tea have been conducted in many countries around the world. In Russia, green tea is given for the treatment of hepatitis. In the U.S., clinical studies indicate that green tea drinkers have 1/3 less arterial damage to the heart and 2/3 less arterial damage to the brain. It can also lower total cholesterol and high blood pressure. Green tea strengthens capillaries and neutralizes certain chemicals that cause cancer. It is perfect with any meal. In China and other Asian countries, people often add herbs to green tea to enhance its healthy properties. For example, add some Hawthorn fruit for the prevention of heart disease, or Poria mushroom for lowering blood pressure. Adding anything you wish to green tea, you might enjoy it more and get well.

Why Cold, Raw Foods Can Be Bad For You?

More people are now eating cold, raw food because some alternative healthcare practitioners are encouraging this practice. They say that cooking destroys nutrients and raw food provides more fiber and vitamins that the body needs. While this is a valid argument, cold, raw food can also have drawbacks for many people. Eating too much of it can destroy many of the benefits that come from fresh foods. According to Traditional Chinese Medical theory, raw food will consume more of the bodies’ energy to digest and transform the essential nutrients. Slightly cooked or steamed food will preserve more of this energy and is easier on the stomach. If one consumes raw and cold food on a daily basis, over time, the energy that transforms food will become deficient. As a result, our bodies will feel fatigued, for poor digestion can lead to food stagnation, abdominal pain, and eventually obesity. Recent studies have indicated that digestive enzymes in people are unlike that of a cow, elephant, or rabbit, which can graze all day. Our enzymes cannot break down plant cell membranes well enough to extract the entire nutrients form vegetables. If we cook these vegetables only slightly, the nutrients will become more readily available for absorption. People with weight problems and those recovering from cancer should pay close attention to what they eat and how their food is prepared because their systems are especially vulnerable.